Review: Supergirl Season 1 Episode 6 "Red Faced"


Anger gets the better of Kara when she goes too far during a training exercise with Red Tornado, a military cyborg commissioned by Lucy Lane's father.

AIRED: November 30, 2015

RATING: 3 ★★★✩✩ Very Good!

In this episode of Supergirl, Kara battles with her growing anger as General Lane arrives at the DEO wanting her to test out an Army android named Red Tornado. She gets to angry while fighting it that she does so much damage, causing its self-preservation mechanism activates. General Lane blames her for unleashing a killing machine on National City. He orders the android destroyed and fires its creator Dr. Morrow. Wanting revenge, Dr. Morrow takes control of Red Tornado and targets General Lane. Supergirl and the DEO work together to finally destroy the android. I'm going to be honest, Red Tornado/Dr. Morrow was kind of boring as a villain. I did like the moment when Red Tornado unleashed a tornado on National City. It was interesting to see how Supergirl would be able to stop it. And I was getting some Twister vibes that made me nastalgic for the movie that I both loved and was scared of. I really didn't like General Lane. He blamed Supergirl for his mistakes. I couldn't believe it when he blamed her for stopping the tornado tearing up the city, instead of stopping Red Tornado. Did he really prefer to her let the tornado destroy the city? It was cool to see Supergirl use her anger to fuel her heat vision to stop Red Tornado for good.

Then General Lane takes his natural bad attitude with him to dinner with Lucy and James. He really doesn't like James and not just because he's friends with aliens. He believes that James isn't good enough for Lucy, that he's only going to bring her down. Then he really hits a sore spot when he tells James that just because he's friends with special people, it doesn't make him special in return. That man is just unpleasant to be around, no matter the situation. Then Lucy tells him that she won't be returning with him to Metropolis and that she's resigning. Even though she tells her father that James isn't bringing her down, the look he shot at James tells us that his fears have come true. James and Lucy have a lot of drama in their relationship. It's just insane how much baggage they have.

That Game Night at Kara's house was so awkward. James and Lucy win because they know each other so well, but it just makes the whole situation uncomfortable. Then Winn almost slips up when mentioning her cousin during the game. But what really rubs salt in Kara's heart wounds, is when Lucy tells them how she met Supergirl and wasn't impressed. OUCH!

Cat gives Kara some really good advice about anger after a blow up at the office. Cat tells her that she needs to find a release for her anger, but she also needs to find the anger behind the anger. She needs to find what is really making her angry deep down. It's during an anger-intervention-boxing-thing with James that Kara realizes that what she's really angry about is that she may never have a normal life. That being herself doesn't make her feel normal like she thought it would. That her normal life ended when her parents put her on that ship bound for Earth. I really like the relationship between Cat and Kara. Even when Cat seems like she doesn't really care about Kara, she surprises me with how thoughtful she can be. There was a moment when Cat defended Kara against her mother, who was being rude to Kara. I just can't get enough of these two.

It's during that moment that Kara accidentally drops a glass and it shatters. When she goes to pick up the pieces, she cuts her finger on the glass. When she says the words, "I'm bleeding," in a disbelieving voice, we know that it can't mean anything good. It's pretty obvious with how much power she used to take out Red Tornado, that she maxed out her powers. So what does that mean for Supergirl and National City?

On a final note, Alex has Winn hack into the DEO mainframe for information on her father's death. The last person to see her father alive was Hank. What really went on during that mission to South America? What is Hank trying to hide by deleting the files? Why do Hank's eyes glow red? It's a mystery that I'm looking forward to getting the answers to.


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