Review: Supergirl Season 1 Episode 7 "Human for a Day"


Kara and her friends must rely on their inner strength and courage when an earthquake strikes National City.

AIRED: December 7, 2015

RATING: 3 ★★★✩✩ Very Good!

In the last episode, Kara maxed out her powers fighting Red Tornado. Now, she's human for a day until her powers come back. But things go downhill when an earthquake hits National City. Meanwhile at the DEO, the earthquake knocks out the bases power and a powerful psychic alien escapes. Alex struggles with trusting Hank after learning that he was the last man to see her father alive, which makes capturing the alien more difficult.

In this episode, Kara learns what it's like to be human. She gets sick, she breaks her arm, and she feels helplessness. She learns that she doesn't need powers to be a hero, just as humans don't need powers to be heroes. I think that this was a lesson that Kara really needed to learn. There could be another situation in the future where he powers will be of no help and she may need to handle as a human would.

Maxwell uses the earthquake and Supergirl's absence as a way to discredit Supergirl's reputation. But Cat counteracts this by giving a really inspirational speech for the people. I really enjoyed the moment that Supergirl and Cat had at the end of the episode where Supergirl tells Cat that she's glad that the people had her while she was unavailable. Cat gave the people hope and inspired them, just as she inspires Supergirl. That small smile that Cat gave at the compliment was everything.

There's some tension between Kara and Winn when he catches her and James hugging. Part of it was probably jealousy, but the bigger part was his disappointment in Kara for acting in such a way with a man who already has a girlfriend. At the end of the day, Winn delivers a parting shot that hit Kara hard. It was like and Oh! Snap! moment. It may also be the fact that it took James almost dying for Kara's powers to come back. That shows how much he means to her. Sure they are friends and she'd save him either way, but it just seemed significant that it was James that brought Kara's powers back. And Winn notices this.

While all this is happening, Alex is dealing with her distrust toward Hank. She knows that he knows what really happened to her father and the fact that he never told her anything and even tried to hide it, doesn't endear him to her. So when the earthquake knocks out the bases power and a powerful alien escapes, she can't trust Hank when she needs to most. There were a lot of small instances that raised her distrust even more, but the truth was something else. "I am not Hank Henshaw." From previous episodes, we knew that something was up with Hank. A regular human doesn't have glowing eyes. But when he said those words, it was like it was full cemented that he's not human. We meet the sole survivor and last son of Mars, J'onn J'onzz, and the truth that he reveals to Alex is heartbreaking, but I think knowing that her father died a hero helped give her some peace.


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