Review: Supergirl Season 1 Episode 8 "Hostile Takeover" [Midseason Finale]


Astra challenges Kara's beliefs about her mother; a hacker exposes Cat's private -- and damaging -- emails, putting her job at risk.

AIRED: December 14, 2015

RATING: 3 ★★★✩✩ Very Good!

In this episode of Supergirl, Cat Grant has been hacked! Someone hacked into her emails and released private information about her. Cat puts Kara, with the help of Winn and James, on the task of searching her emails for anything else that could possibly be used against her. In their research they learn that the person responsible is within CatCo and a secret Cat has kept hidden for years could be revealed if the perpetrator gets their hands on it. Meanwhile, Astra has made another appearance and she makes statements that cause Kara to doubt her mother's character. But Astra's reappearance isn't just to reminisce. It's just one more step to further her plan for National City.

When Cat called a board meeting to address the hacking situation, it was so obvious from the beginning that Dirk Amrstrong, the man who sided with Cat, was the one behind the whole thing. That's how it always seems to go. They pretend to be on your side when in reality they are working against you. But Cat isn't someone easily fooled, as evidenced by her telling Kara that he's two-faced. And it was confirmed when Kara used her hearing to overhear a conversation Armstrong talking with a couple other board members about Cat's fall. But when Supergirl is on the case, no bad guy goes unpunished. I loved seeing Armstrong get dragged away after Cat confronts him with the proof that James, Winn and Lucy found. Sweet justice at it's finest.

Cat has Kara, Winn and James look through her emails for any other information that could be used against her. What they find was completely unexpected. Cat has a secret son! He's 24 years old and lives in Opal City. This was a really interesting development in the story. I'm hoping that he will be a character that makes an appearance. Cat's story about her separation from Adam was unfortunate. Not being there for Adam is her greatest regret. You would think that from her personality, Cat wouldn't be as caring and motherly, but we saw here and when Carter stayed Kara, that Cat truly and deeply loves her children and is very protective of them. I like seeing the mama bear come out of Cat. So I would very much like to see some kind of reconciliation or reconnection with Adam in the future.

In the last episode, Astra and her people attacked Kara. She's still trying to get Kara to join her. Kara is able to get away, but it's not the last time she sees Astra. Astra hovers over the city, calling Kara out, and they fight to the point where Kara is able to capture Astra. But when Alex looks over the footage from their fight, she realizes that Astra got herself capture on purpose to distract the DEO from the real plan. Nan and the rest of Astra's troops storm Lord Technologies. For what reason, we don't know. While in captivity, Astra will only talk to Kara and when she does, Astra tells Kara a story that puts doubts in Kara's mind about who her mother was. Astra tries to appeal to Kara's sentimentalities at each opportunity. The result is really heartbreaking for Kara, because some of the things Astra told her were true. It completely destroyed Kara's memory of her mother being the good woman she remembers.

Finally, at the end of the episode, Cat tells Kara that she thinks that she's Supergirl. Cat puts together all of the coincidences and patterns to get to that conclusion. Then she asks Kara to remove her glasses. That if she doesn't do it, it's an admission. So Kara removes her glasses and when Cat sees her she thanks her for all the help that she's given her. I find this twist very interesting and I'm looking forward to seeing what comes of it.


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