Review: Shadowhunters Season 1 Episode 1 "The Mortal Cup" [Series Premiere]


​​Clary Fray is thrown into the world of demon hunting after her mother is kidnapped, and must rely on the mysterious Jace and his fellow Shadowhunters Isabelle and Alec to navigate this new dark world.

AIRED: January 12, 2016

RATING:★★★★✩ Excellent!

I know that a lot of people were worried about how The Mortal Instruments would be adapted for TV, but I don't think that there was anything to worry about. I thoroughly enjoyed this first episode of the series. I like that it's not going strictly to the original story. I like that everyone was made older and that there are some differences in the story. It makes it a new experience for those who have read the book series. I think that they kept the really important points of the original story, while adding their own touches to it. I liked that Isabelle was a lot more friendly toward Clary in the TV series. I thought that Jace's arrogance and egotism weren't as charming as they are in the book series, it's more dry and rushed so you can't really appreciate it as much. It's one of my favorite characteristic of Jace, so I'm hoping that it becomes more natural as the show progresses. Matthew Daddario plays Alec perfectly. Simon is just as loveable, although I wish that his band was in the show, instead of it being a duet with Maureen. This first episode sets up the show perfectly. It starts out the series much like the books, but with a few differences. I'm looking forward to seeing where they take the story next.


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