Review: The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Episode 3 "Age of Innocence"


Damon, Bonnie and Alaric set off on a road trip in search of anything they can use against Lily; while held hostage by the Heretics, Caroline learns information about Valerie's past.

AIRED: October 22, 2015

RATING: 3 ★★★✩✩ Very Good!

Three years from now, Stefan calls Tyler to see if he's spoken to Caroline. His scars has opened up and he doesn't have long. He needs Tyler to warn Caroline, since she's not answering his calls. Tyler agrees and tells him that he should be running. Stefan is already on his way; he has a bag ready and sets his car on fire. I'm really interested to see more of this future scene play out. Who is Stefan running from? What's really going on?

This episode is mostly flashbacks and flashforwards. In the beginning of the episode we see three years into the future where Stefan is on the run and calls Tyler to check on Caroline. Then we're back to the present and we learn more about Stefan's past with Valerie. She was the first love of Stefan's life. She was there even before Katherine. We also learn about Julian, the man that Lily is in love with, who it appears she's trying to being back. But it seems that he's not a very good man and Lily is completely blind to who he really is.

Valerie's story was quite heartbreaking. While I don't really like her now as a Heretic, I kind of liked her when she was human in 1863. The fact that Lily had sent a couple of her people to check on Stefan and Damon before she left for Europe, shows that she still very much loved her sons. But as Damon said when he called Lily to make the trade for Elena, time went by and she found a new family. I liked the moment when Damon told her that he finally understood why she considers the Heretics as her family now and not him or Stefan. That he has a new family as well, which includes Ric and Bonnie and the others.

This stuff with the Phoenix Stone is getting dangerous really fast. Oscar's warning that those messing with the Stone end up dead is a very bad omen. I was surprised when Valerie showed up at his bedside and then killed Oscar when she learned that he knew where Julian was. She will literally do anything to keep his resurrection from happening. We see a softer side to Lily when she lets Caroline go after Caroline shows her Stefan's journal and the things he had written about her.


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