Review: The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Episode 4 "I Carry Your Heart With Me"


An unexpected turn of events sends Damon scrambling for an alternate plan; Damon's actions force Stefan and Caroline to distract girls at a ball at Whitmore College; Enzo is determined to find out what Valerie is hiding.

AIRED: October 29, 2015

RATING: 4 ★★★★✩ Excellent!

In this episode's future scene, three years from now, Ric has what looks like twin daughters. He's failing to fix their doll, while they start getting ready for bed. When Ric notices that things have gone quiet, he gets his stake gun and finds Damon at the door with his daughters staring at him. Damon comments that it looks like Ric has gotten everything he wanted. Ric knows that the only reason Damon would be at his door is if someone died. Damon informs him that no one has died yet, but that will change if Ric doesn't do as he says and he asks if Ric is going to invite him in. Damon seems a bit homicidal and I'm wondering what has happened to cause him to be so hostile with his best friend. It also looks like Jo isn't in the picture, so what has happened to her? The mystery deepens.

It's Halloween and the final day that Ric has to be able to bring Jo back. Meanwhile, Damon finds Oscar dead and Lily sends Mary Louise and Nora to Whitmore to find out where Oscar is, since Damon missed the exchange. They send a message saying that for every hour that Oscar is not returned, a Whitmore student will die. Stefan and Caroline use the Heaven and Hell Ball to distract them from their killing spree, but Nora and Mary Louise's relationship drama does a better job at distracting them. Enzo suspects that Valerie had something to do with Oscar going missing. When she tells him about Julian and her reason for killing Oscar, Enzo wants to help her prevent Julian from reentering Lily's life. Caroline wants Stefan to talk to Valerie about lifting the spell cast on her, but for some reason Stefan does everything he can to get Nora or Mary Louise to syphon the spell instead. Why doesn't he want to confront Valerie? Finally, after bringing Oscar back to life, Bonnie also brings Jo back to life.

I particularly liked Damon's story line in this episode. He came really close to losing his only chance to get Elena back when Oscar turned up dead, but Bonnie saved the day. Oscar was brought back to life and Elena was returned. But it's what Lily told Damon that really brought about a change in him. She tells him that he's too scared to find out who he is without Elena. So after some thought, Damon has Tyler come and take Elena to a safe location. Damon starts writing in a journal to Elena, questioning who he is without her. The most heartfelt moment was when he told her that no matter how far she is from him, she'll still be with him and his heart is still in the coffin with her, until she comes back to him. I seriously got all the feels from that.

Oscar's resurrection seems a bit strange to me. I can understand him being ravenous and even having no short term memory. But he seems to have absolutely no memory whatsoever of who he is. How will this effect Jo's resurrection?

Then there was the relationship dramas between Mary Loise and Nora, and Stefan and Caroline. There was a lot of jealousy on Mary Louise's part with how well Nora is adapting to their new life and she fears that she'll lose Nora to someone else and their new world. Then there's Stefan and Caroline. Caroline want Stefan to talk to Valerie about removing the anti-vampire spell from her, but Stefan seem very reluctant to come face-to-face with Valerie. He was always making excuses and looking for one of the other Heretics willing to syphon the spell. Why doesn't he want to face Valerie? Is there some truth to Caroline's insecurities?


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