Review: Supergirl Season 1 Episode 5 "How Does She Do It?"


While Kara is baby-sitting Cat's son, she must also protect the city from a series of bombings; Lucy Lane tries to rekindle her relationship with James.

AIRED: November 23, 2015

RATING:★★★★✩ Excellent!

In this episode, Supergirl is being tested using various methods by an unknown entity for an unknown reason. Everything from the drone to the train was used to gain information on Kara's abilities. We later find out that it is Maxwell Lord spying on Kara, wanting to know what makes her tick. Add to all this that Kara is charged with babysitting Cat's son, Carter, and being caught in the middle of James and Lucy's relationship drama, things get crazy.

So Maxwell doesn't believe that Supergirl is the kind of hero that National City needs. That's nothing new. We knew his stand on this topic from his very first appearance. But in this episode, he takes things a bit further and endangers a lot of people in his quest to learn as much as possible about Supergirl. It was so unfortunate that Ethan Knox paid the price for Maxwell's tests. Carter even ends up in danger when he goes to the train revealing looking for Supergirl. This fact makes it even more important for Kara to stop the train and Ethan. All of this is the true beginning of the feud between Maxwell and Supergirl/Kara. After confronting Maxwell, Supergirl warns Maxwell that she'll be watching him.

When Cat needs to go to Metropolis for an award ceremony, Kara is put in charge of babysitting her son, Carter. Cat warns Kara that Carter is shy and needs special treatment. It takes him a little while to become comfortable with Kara and Winn, but eventually he becomes comfortable enough to be himself. It also turns out that Carter has a huge crush on Supergirl. It was the cutest ever when he finally came face-to-face with Supergirl on the train. I also liked that after Cat returned, Carter also seems to really like Kara as well. Carter is just too cute. I hope that we get to see more of him in future episodes.

Finally, there's the drama between James and Lucy, and Kara seems to have somehow ended up in the middle. Alex warns Kara not to talk to James about his relationship, otherwise she'll be delineated to the friend-zone for good, but when Lucy confides her insecurities to Kara about feeling like she can't compete with Supergirl, Kara can't help relaying the information to James. It takes the bomb threat at the airport that Lucy was at for James to realize that he still has feelings for Lucy. I've been feeling so bad for Kara when it comes to James. And now this time, Kara helped push James and Lucy together.


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