Review: The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Episode 6 "Best Served Cold"


Lily hosts a dinner to introduce her past love, Julian, to Damon and Stefan, and to declare peace between her family and the residents of Mystic Falls; Matt and Bonnie uncover a mystery; Alaric reaches his breaking point.

AIRED: November 12, 2015

RATING:★★★★✩ Excellent!

This episode's look into the future shows Damon asking Ric when he last heard from his fiancee, which turns out to have been earlier that afternoon, but she's not answering her phone now. Damon informs Ric that he needs to get her on the phone now, because Stefan is being hunted again and it's only a matter of time before Caroline is used as bait to lure him out. After he says this, Ric notices Caroline on the television behind him. She's bleeding from the head and is on air with an urgent message for Stefan Salvatore. I think the thing that surprised me the most about this look into the future is that Ric and Caroline are engaged. It does make a little more sense later in the episode, but I'm still wondering why Stefan is being hunted and by who. Where is Caroline? Is she still alive? Who knows when the broadcast was filmed.

In the present, Stefan is being plagued by the thought that he could have been a father, even dreaming of the son he could have had. Lily hosts a peace party to introduce Julian to everyone and try to facilitate a new start with everyone. Stefan uses the party to try to kill Julian, while Damon tries to stop him. Bonnie and Enzo have a bit of a flirtation to make Lily jealous. Bonnie and Matt find a group of people compelled at the high school hooked up to saline drips. While Ric has his final goodbye with Jo, while also learning that his children may still be alive.

Stefan's dream of the son he could have had was really heartbreaking. His need to kill Julian just keeps growing. While Damon wants to wait 6 months for Lily to get comfortable and happy with Julian, Stefan wants to use the party as his chance to kill him. Stefan refuses to tell Damon his reasons for wanting to do it right away, so Damon goes out of his way to try to stop him. Stefan gets Matt to help him incapacitate Damon and then hunts Julian down in the kitchen where he stakes Julian then tosses him into the fireplace. Lily arrives in time to save Julian and asks Stefan what she did to make him hate her so much, his reply is that it's not about her. Damon finally wakes up and finds the three of them in the kitchen. Lily tells them to sit down, but when Damon tries to get Stefan out of there, Julian tells them to sit or he'll seat them himself. I couldn't believe that he actually had the nerve to call them "son." What does he thinks gives him that right? Just because he's involved with their mother? He's not even any kind of father figure to them. It just seemed extremely presumptuous and arrogant. He then starts lecturing them while also telling them of his time in the Phoenix Stone before going into a blind rage and beating on them. Lily is eventually able to get him to stop and tells them to leave.

When Damon and Stefan arrive home, Damon tears into Stefan about what went down. After putting Damon through the coffee table, Stefan finally tells Damon the truth about Valerie's pregnancy and Julian's role in ending it. He tells Damon that nothing will stop him from killing Julian. After they've calmed down a little, Stefan asks Damon if Julian reminded him of anyone. He reminded them of their father. Damon tells Stefan about how he and Elena had talked about having a family. Stefan then tells him that in all his time on this earth his only regret is not having a child. Damon then agrees to help him kill Julian. Any time he wants to. It looks like the hunt is on.

I felt kind of bad for Mary Louise in this episode. Before the party, she was wearing a very pretty, but modest dress that Nora kind of makes fun of her for choosing. Then Mary Louise changes into a less modest dress, hoping that Nora will notice but she doesn't. Later, Julian finds Mary Louise in the cellar, moping about how Nora hasn't noticed or even talked to her all night. Julian tells her that she's lost her swagger and it's no wonder that Nora is bored. He gets Mary Louise to go against Lily's rules and drink from one of the servants. Afterward, Mary Louise struts up to Nora, who finally notices that she changed her dress, and lays a wopper of a kiss on her. Mary Louise doesn't seem to have very much confidence in herself. It makes me wonder if she's always been this way, or if it's just her difficulties adjusting.

Bonnie and Enzo arrive to the party at the same time. Enzo tells her that if anyone asks, she's his date. When Lily answers the door, Enzo gives her flowers and a kiss on the cheek before entering the party. Lily tells Bonnie that she hopes that her presence means that she's willing to start fresh. Bonnie's reply was the best ever! She tells Lily that since she's the reason that she'll never see her best friend again that she must be joking. Just the way that Bonnie said it was amazing. It was one of my favorite parts of the episode. Enzo overhears Julian talking to Beau about Oscar having had something of his, but it wasn't with Oscar when he died. He tells Beau that it would give him peace of mind if he could find Oscar car. Julian then introduces himself to Enzo. Bonnie notices and when he comes over to her, she tells him to have some dignity. Enzo tells her that what he got in return is priceless. Julian wants Oscar's car and he intends to find it first. Bonnie notices Lily watching them and straightens Enzo's tie to make her jealous. But it seems to me that Bonnie may have a bit of a crush going on on Enzo.

As Bonnie is leaving the party, one of the servants asks her if she knows where the high school is. She finds this question strange since the whole town is abandoned. When she asks who he's been talking to he tells her that he can't say and continues to ask where the high school is. Matt notices the strange occurrence and asks what it was about. Bonnie tells him that she's not sure and that they should probably check it out. Matt and Bonnie find a lot of people at the high school who seem to be compelled there by someone and are hooked up to saline drips. I think that it's pretty obvious that it was Julian who has done it.

The most heartbreaking part of this episode was Ric's final goodbye with "Jo." Her health quickly deteriorates. Caroline tries to heal her with her blood, but "Jo" just throws it up. Valerie is the one who realizes that Jo's human body cannot hold the vampire's soul. As she lays there dying, "Jo" tells Ric that she remembers that she was killed by a woman wielding a sword. The sword was made of metal which shouldn't have been able to kill her when it pierced her heart, but it did. She also remembered her name, which is Florence. Ric thanks her for allowing him the chance to say goodbye. Florence tells him that Jo was a lucky woman and that he would have made a great husband. I was definitely crying during their goodbye. That poor man. It seems like all the women he's loved have died, whether voluntarily or involuntarily.

Ric and Caroline find Valerie watching his wedding video. She tells them that she recognizes the chant that the Gemini Coven was using. Kai thought that they were trying to send him to a Prison World, but they were actually trying to save the next generation of Gemini Twins. Valerie believes that Ric's children are still alive. If a pregnant mother is in danger a transfer is a magical fail safe. She does a locator spell and it shows them that the babies are inside Caroline. What a HUGE twist! How is it possible for a vampire to be pregnant? I'm looking forward to learning more about how it's possible for Caroline to be carrying Ric's twins.


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