Review: The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Episode 5 "Live Through This"


Damon decides to make a change; Lily gets ready for the arrival of someone special from her past; Bonnie and Enzo are faced with a violent threat; disturbing information regarding the phoenix stone emerges.

AIRED: November 5, 2015

RATING: 5 ★★★★★ Extraordinary!

In this episode's look into 3 years in the future, Bonnie seems to be in a mental institution talking to a support group talking about how she made a mistake and lost someone she loved. Back in her room, she's surprised to see Enzo waiting for her. When she asks why he's there, he tells her that she can't hide there forever. She then runs into his arms and kisses him. I was seriously surprised by this development. I never would have thought of Bonnie and Enzo ending up together. I'm curious about what she did that caused her to retreat to a mental institution.

Back in the present, we learn some startling truths. The souls that we returned to Oscar and Jo's bodies weren't their souls at all. The Phoenix Stone is a trap or prison for very old vampire souls, Julian's being one of them. Damon and Stefan go with Valerie to destroy Julian's body, but Lily and the others get there first. In the aftermath, Valerie reveals the entire truth to Stefan, that she was pregnant with his child and Julian made sure that she would leave by beating her and killing their child. Bonnie makes the heartbreaking confession to Ric that they made a mistake and didn't return Jo's soul to her body, but someone else. Damon is out for revenge against Lily when Valerie reveals that she was the one who told Kai to put Elena in the Sleeping Beauty coma. He plans to let Lily have her happiness with Julian before ripping his head off in front of her. He wants to completely destroy her. Stefan promises Valerie that Julian will pay for what he did to her and their child. Lily uses the Phoenix Stone to resurrect Julian.

With the truth of the Phoenix Stone revealed, the reality that Jo isn't Jo is truly heartbreaking. My heart went out to Ric. But I have to say that I really admired him when he told "Jo" that she wasn't alone and that they would figure things out together. In his situation, that took a lot of strength.

Damon and Stefan go with Valerie to a coffin imporium to destroy Julian's body so that he can't be brought back, but they were too late. Lily tells Damon and Stefan that Julian makes her a better person, but Valerie reveals that Julian didn't make her a better person, he made her worse. She's the one who gave Kai the idea to put Elena in a coma. She wanted them to pay for not helping her free her family from the Prison World. Damon is enraged and when he goes to try to kill Lily, Beau exploded the coffins around them so that they can escape with Julian. In the aftermath, after Stefan calms Damon a little, he finds Valerie and she tells Stefan the truth about her pregnancy. Both brothers are out for revenge against Lily and Julian. Damon wants Lily to pay for taking Elena from him and Stefan wants Julian to pay for what he did to Valerie and their unborn child. Nothing good ever happens when Damon is out for revenge. The fact that Stefan may also want in on the plan makes them even more dangerous. Plus, it looks like Bonnie may be willing to help with the revenge plot that Damon is cooking up. I have a very bad feeling about what's going to happen in the following episodes.

There was a moment between Bonnie and Enzo that felt kind of like a foreshadowing of the future that we saw between them in the beginning of the episode. Enzo basically tells Bonnie that he doesn't need relationship advice from a witch who has no love life whatsoever. Bonnie then comments that maybe Enzo just deserves someone better than Lily. I could not believe that Enzo still gave the Phoenix Stone to Lily so that she could bring Julian back.


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